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Many of our meals can be prepared for vegetarian

Any food allergies please inform us!


(     ) – Vegetarian | (     ) – Gluten Free | (     ) – Spicy Alert

#1 Crispy wontons (10 pieces) 8
Deep fried and stuffed with ground veggies.

Served with Thai plum sauce. 


#2 Spring rolls (4 pieces) 9
Crispy rolls stuffed with glass noodles and veggies.

Served with Thai plum sauce.

#3 Tofu + dip (8 pieces) 9

Deep fried chunks of tofu with plum sauce and crushed peanuts.

#4 Chicken satay (4 skewers) 10
Thai barbecue marinated coconut milk and spices.  

Served with peanut sauce


#N6 Toad Mun (6 pieces) 8

Homemade fish cake, blend with spices and green beans.

Served with homemade cucumber sauce.

#N7  Deep Fried Calamari Ring (8 pieces)  10

Deep-fried calamari ring served with our house sweet chilli sauce

#9 Yum-Nue-Yang 15.95

Spicy beef, onions and green tossed in a chili lime dressing.


#10 Papaya Salad (Somtum) 13.95
Traditional, spicy and delicious.

#10.1 Papaya Salad (Somtum Plara) 15.95 

Served with Salted crab and Fermented Fish.

Served at 11:30 - 2:30 PM

Many of our meals can be prepared for vegetarian

Any food allergies please inform us!


(     ) – Vegetarian | (     ) – Gluten Free | (     ) – Spicy Alert


#L1 Pad Thai and Salad 15                                                                                                                           

Stir fried rice noodles with tofu, egg and bean sprouts

with prawns, coriander. Served with house salad.

#L1.1 Royal Pad Thai + Salad 15                                                                                                                           

Thai fried noodles in tamarind sauce with prawns, egg,

tofu, bean-sprouts, green onion and crushed peanut.

#L2 Pad-See-Aiw 15                                                                                                                                       

Fresh rice noodles, broccoli, carrots and choices of meat stir fried with egg.


#L3 Stir fried tofu and peppers 15                                                                                                            

Tofu, peppers, Thai basil and onions in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Served with Jasmine rice.


#L4 Thai fried rice 15                                                                                          

A vibrant fried rice with pineapple, tomato,

vegetables, eggs and chicken or tofu.


#L5 Curry, Rice and Salad 15                                                                                                   

Red, yellow, green, Pa-naeng or Massaman curry with choice of meat, tofu or veggies ( With prawns or fish plus $2 )


#L7 Eggplant with basil 15                                                                                                                        

Stir fried eggplant with chicken, beef, or tofu. Served with jasmine rice.


#L8 Mixed vegetables in curry sauce 15                                                                                                 

Stir fried veggies with fresh ginger in yellow curry sauce. Served with jasmine rice.


#L9 Chicken, Beef or Tofu Cashew 15                                                                                                       

Stir fried chicken, beef or tofu with bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. Served with house salad and jasmine rice.


#L10 Chicken ginger 15                                                                                                      

Stir fried chicken with fresh ginger, onions and bell peppers.

Served with jasmine rice.


Add an extra soup of your choice:

Tom-Yum or Tom-Kha (300ml) 4                                           


Many of our meals can be prepared for vegetarian

Any food allergies please inform us!


(     ) – Vegetarian | (     ) – Gluten Free | (     ) – Spicy Alert



#11 Tom-Kha-Gai (500ml) 15

Spicy coconut milk soup with exotic Thai herbs,

mushroom and chicken. ( With noodle plus 2 )                                                                                                                                  
#12 Tom-Yum-Kung (500ml) 15                                                                                                                         
Hot and sour with exotic Thai herbs,

mushroom and prawns. ( With noodle plus 2 )                                                                                                   



Dinner size 500ml 15.95                                                                                         

Tub size for two 700ml 18.95


#14  Green curry with eggplant                                                                                          

#15  Yellow curry with potato and onion                                                                             

#16  Red curry with bamboo strips                                                                                        

#17  Panaeng curry with bell pepper 

All the curries will be served with your choice of meat

chicken, beef, tofu and veggies or (prawns - plus 2 / 3)



#18 Pad-see-Aiw 17.95
Fresh rice noodles, tofu, broccoli, carrots with your choices of chicken,

beef or tofu stir fried egg and our special house's sauce.

#20 Pad-Thai 17.95  
Stir fried rice noodles, tofu, egg and beansprouts with prawns,

coriander and crushed peanuts.


#20.1 Royal Pad-Thai 17.95                                                                                                                                       

Stir fried rice noodles in authentic Thai tamarind sauce with prawns,

tofu, egg and bean sprouts. Topped with coriander and crushed peanuts.

#N5  Pad kee Mao 17.95
Stir fried rice noodle, basil, onion and bell pepper

with your choice chicken, beef or tofu.


#22 Chicken with cashew nuts 17.5                                                                                                                  

Stir fried chicken, beef or tofu with bell peppers,

mushrooms, onions and cashews.


#23 Sweet and sour or garlic veggies 16
Get your veggies, Thai style.


#24 Mixed veggies in curry sauce 16
Stir fried with curry sauce and fresh ginger.


#25 Thai fried rice 17.5
Full of veggies with eggs and chicken, beef or tofu.


#26 Stir fried tofu and peppers 17
Sweet Thai basil, tofu, bell peppers and onions

tossed in a spicy sauce.


#27 Broccoli in garlic sauce 16
Lightly stir fried greens.


#29 Chicken ginger 17.5
Stir fried chicken, beef or tofu with onions,

mushroom and bell peppers.


#N9 Pad kra praow 17.5

With choice of chicken, beef or tofu, saute with basil,

onion and bell pepper in our house special sauce.


Chef's Special

#C2  Khor Moo Yang 15.95

BBQ marinated pork jowl served with our house special sauce.


#C3  Nue-Yang 15.95                                                                                                                                                 

Thai grilled beef marinated with our sauce.


#C7  Beef with Oyster sauce 17.5

Stir fried beef with oyster sauce, bean sprout, carrot and broccoli.          

Desserts and Beverages


Mango & sticky rice  (Seasonal) 7.95

Warm, sweet coconut rice topped with roast sesame seeds. Served with freshly sliced mango.



Thai iced tea with cream 5                                                                                                                                

Thai iced lemon tea 5                                                                                                                                          

Pops 2                                                                                                                                                                                 

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